Sylvia Overby

Town Board
Title: Councilwoman
Phone: 631-324-2620


Councilwoman Sylvia Overby is in her second term of office as a member of the East Hampton Town Board.  Elected for her first term in 2011, Sylvia previously served her community for a 7-year term on the Planning Board, four years as its chair.

Sylvia and her husband have lived in Amagansett for 31 years where they raised their two sons.

Sylvia has a Bachelor of Science degree from Emory University.  She taught Middle School, was a manager for Macy’s, and was a partner in a small business.

An environmental advocate, Sylvia is dedicated to protecting our fragile natural resources as well as historic preservation. Her leadership has included addressing climate change, promoting local businesses, preserving our unique community character, safeguarding historical landmarks, building affordable housing and working towards solutions with community support.

Hamlet Assignment

  • Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee

Town Departments

  • Housing and Community Development
  • Planning (Planning Board, ARB, ZBA)
  • Sanitation


Town Committees

  • Community Housing Opportunity Fund Committee
  • East Hampton Town Arts Council
  • Anti-Bias Task Force
  • Business Committee
  • Wainscott Citizens Advisory Committee

Town Boards

  • Planning Board
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Architectural Review Board


Projects in 2022

  • Wainscott Hamlet Study Implementation
  • Montauk Hamlet Study Implementation
  • Housing initiatives 2022

Non-Town Committee

  • Wainscottt Tree Society


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