Wainscott Green, Rick Del Maestro Memorial Park

Wainscott Green Vista

Mission Statement & Description of Property

To provide the East Hampton community with an attractive central sitting and walking area that is easily accessible to pedestrians, which also provides a beautiful gateway to the Wainscott business district and a buffer to the surrounding residential uses. It is open to the public 365 days per year from dawn to dusk, and is “Carry In, Carry Out.”

Park usage is “At Your Own Risk.” 

The property is on the corner of East Gate Road and Montauk Highway on the north side of Montauk Highway less than a third of a mile from the border of Southampton and Wainscott. This is a location which represents the entrance to the hamlet from motorists coming from the west on Montauk Highway. The property is situated a little over a half mile from the waters of Georgica Pond and a bit less than one full mile from Wainscott Pond. It is also within the Suffolk County Department of Health Services Groundwater Management Zone V, the most sensitive zone for groundwater protection from this agency in the Town of East Hampton. It is currently nearly 100% cleared of naturally-occurring vegetation with areas of mature mixed deciduous woodlands primarily around the periphery of the property. 

 The original certificate of occupancy for this property was granted in 1977 for a 2,116 sq. ft. one- story bar/discotheque which is how the facility operated for many years. The establishment was known as and has been identified in various publications as a popular and welcoming nightspot for the gay community as well as for many celebrities and nightlife guests during the height of its operations which continued into the early 2000’s. The building subsequently began to deteriorate and in 2014 a letter was issued to the owners from the Town of East Hampton Building Department that the building was unsafe and required repairs or removal and that it could not be occupied. The property has been referred to as the Kaushik property, which was the prior owner’s name. However, the Wainscott CAC and its environmental subcommittee reached a consensus that the name Wainscott Green better reflected the purpose which motivated the Town acquisition.

Access to the property via East Gate Road to the west, and Ardsley Road to the north.

Address: 378 Montauk Highway, Wainscott, NY 11975 Google Maps


  • Park Open Dawn to Dusk
  • No Vehicles Beyond Designated Areas
  • Leash and Control Your Dog
  • Carry In – Carry Out
  • No Unauthorized Commercial Activity
  • No Smoking, Vaping, Alcohol
  • Park Usage is At Your Own Risk

For further information, please see the Wainscott Green, Rick Del Maestro Memorial Park Management Plan


Wainscott Green White Sign