Special Event Applications

Please be advised: applications must be filled out entirely. If any information is missing, the application will be deemed incomplete and will not be reviewed by the Special Events Committee. Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Special Events Committee has the authority to issue or deny a permit.

A Special Event Application Form is required for any special event as defined in the East Hampton Town Code Chapter 151:

East Hampton Town Code Chapter 151 Special Events Permits

Q # 1 – Do I need to submit a Special Event Permit Application?

 A – Before filling out an application please read the following:

For Special Events at Residences:

A Special Event Permit is required for a gathering at a residential property if any of the following conditions exist: the gathering will be attended by 50 people or more, amplified music will play outdoors after 9 pm, a tent greater than 700 sq ft. will be erected. If one or more of these conditions are met, a Special Event permit is required.
For Special Events on Town Beaches:

A Special Event Permit is required for a gathering at a Town Beach if one of the following conditions exists: the event is catered, the event will be attended by more than 20 people, or a service is provided. It should be noted that the maximum number of attendees for a catered beach event or wedding ceremony at the beach is limited to 50. Charitable events may be exempt, see Chapter 151 for more information. Some Town beaches are also under the jurisdiction of the East Hampton Town Trustees and will require a Trustee permit. See question # 14 for more information.


Seasonal Special Event - A permit for reoccurring commercial recreational activity on public property, including but not limited to: surf instruction; paddleboard instruction; yoga classes; and the installation of hotel equipment such as chairs and umbrellas on a Town Beach.

Q # 2 – Which application form should I use? 

Printable FormFillable Form
Residential Application
Residential Application 
Commercial Application
Commercial Application
Public Property Application
Public Property Application
Art Sale Application
Art Sale Application
Parade/Walk-Run / Ride Application
Parade/Walk-Run / Ride Application
Seasonal Application
Seasonal Application
Catering Application
Catering Application

If you cannot print clearly, please use the fillable form. Be advised, forms must be physically notarized. Electronic notary signatures will not be accepted.


NOTE: If you are having an outdoor event, an inclement weather contingency plan MUST be included in your application.

Q # 3 – How do I submit the Special Events Permit Application?

A – A fully completed Special Event Permit Application [including applicable fees] must be submitted to the Town Clerks Office in person [between the hours of 9am and 3:30pm] or by mail at the following address:


Town of East Hampton 

Office of the Town Clerk 

159 Pantigo Road

East Hampton, NY 11937


Q # 4 – Can I email my application?

A – Applications are not accepted via email. Physical copies of applications with all applicable signatures and notarized forms are required. If your event is quickly approaching, we recommend overnighting the application [with applicable fees attached] via UPS, FedEx or certified USPS mail to the proper address listed above.


  Q # 5 – Is there a deadline for submitting my application?


For events involving:Applications must be submitted at least:
1 - 75 participants21 days before the event
76 - 150 participants30 days before the event
151 - 250 participants48 days before the event
251 or more participants60 days before the event

Please be advised, a late charge will be incurred in the event the deadline is not met. The Special Events Committee has the discretion to waive the submission deadline and/or decline to process a permit due to late submission of the application.

Q # 6 – What do I need to include with my application?

A – When filling out an application, please refer to the checklist on the last page. Please be advised, applications must be fully completed, and the following information must be included with all applications:


  • A scanned copy of the applicant’s Photo ID.*
  • A detailed narrative describing the event.
  • A detailed sketch (a hand drawn or Google Map aerial photo that shows the setup and layout of the event, including the tent size and layout).
  • The parking plan/ valet plan/ security plan (if parking is alongside the road, a visual and written explanation is required).

Q # 7 – What do I do if my photo ID does not have my East Hampton Town residence listed?*

– If you are a second homeowner and the address on your license is different than your residential property in East Hampton Town, please include a copy of a tax bill or document that serves as proof of residency. A utility bill will not be accepted. Please note, non-residents pay an additional fee.


Q # 8 – Is there a fee for the permit? How much?

A – For a list of all fees pertaining to special events, please refer to the fee schedule linked below. These fees will be required to apply for and process a permit for a special event. Each fee and/or deposit should be paid by separate checks or by cash. Credit/debit cards are not accepted. (Checks should be made payable to: Town of East Hampton.) Fees not paid at the time the application is submitted, will deem the application incomplete and will result in a delay in processing the application. 

Special Events Fee Schedule 


Q # 9 – What is a Designated Agent? Do I need to fill this out?

A – A Designated Agent is a person residing within the County of Suffolk, who is designated by an applicant for a special event to accept service of process from the Town of East Hampton for any violation of Chapter 151 set forth in the East Hampton Town Code which relates to or arises out of the assembly. This section is mandatory for all applicants. (The applicant can be the Designated Agent if they are a resident of Suffolk County.)

Q # 10 – Do I need a Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

A – Every application for a commercial, public property, and parade/walk-run special event permit pursuant to this chapter shall include a certificate of insurance that evidences a public liability insurance policy covering the Town as an additional insured in the minimum amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence for the duration of the special event. Please note, to meet the Town’s required coverage,$2 Million can be listed under each occurrence for General Liability, or $1 Million can be listed under each occurrence for General Liability with an additional $1 Million listed under each occurrence for Umbrella Liability. Your insurance policy must cover all dates of the special event, including set up and breakdown days. Examples of the Certificate of Insurance attached here.


Q # 11 – Do I need a New York State Liquor Authority License (SLA) if I intend to serve/sell alcohol at my event?

A – If you are serving or selling alcohol on public or commercial property, an SLA is required. Please go to https://sla.ny.gov/ for more information.


Q # 12 – When does the Special Events Committee meet to review applications?

A – Special Events Committee Meetings are determined by the volume of applications received. During the busier season, the Committee meets once a week. Please keep this in mind take note of the submission deadline for applications. As the season slows down and less applications are received, meetings may take place on a less frequent basis. Applications must be complete upon submission, or they will not be reviewed.

Q # 13 – How do I submit the Tent Permit Application?

A – A fully completed Tent Permit Application Form [including applicable fees] must be submitted to the Fire Marshal’s Office in person or by mail at the following address:


Town of East Hampton

Fire Marshal’s Office

300 Pantigo Road, Suite 111

East Hampton, NY 11937

Q # 14 – I’m having an event on a Trustee/Town beach. How do I submit an application?

A – A fully completed Public Property Application Form must be submitted to the Town Clerk, and a Trustee Consent Application Form must be submitted to the Trustees Office for any gathering that is catered and is being held on a Trustee beach. For more information, please click here:

Trustees Applications Fees Special Events/


Q # 15 – I still need help. Who can I contact?

A –

Q # 16 Who serves on the Special Events Committee? 

– Members of the Committee include:

  • EHTPD Chief Michael Sarlo
  • Chief Fire Marshall Dave Browne
  • Clerk of the Trustees Francis Bock
  • Superintendent of Recreation John Rooney
  • Deputy Supervisor Cate Rogers
  • Councilmember Tom Flight

Ex Officio

  • Town Clerk Carole Brennan
  • Legislative Secretary Ann Marie Lamprecht
  • Legislative Secretary Chelsea Walker
  • Representative from Town Attorney’s Office