Parks & Building Maintenance

The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and service of almost of every one of the 120 properties the Town owns, including:
  • Town Hall
  • Justice Court
  • East Hampton Police Department
  • East Hampton Airport
  • Senior Center
  • Montauk Playhouse
  • Springs Recreation Center
  • 18 comfort stations
  • 44 cemeteries

Landscaping & Maintenance

The Department is responsible for mowing and landscaping of all Town properties, parks, ball fields, and cemeteries. Beach maintenance is an integral component of the Building and Grounds responsibilities. The staff cleans and maintains Atlantic, Indian Wells, Beach Lane (east side) Kirk Park and Ditch Plains ocean beaches. They also clean and maintain Fresh Pond, Big Alberts, Little Alberts, Maidstone, Edison Beach (Nick’s Beach), Sammy’s Beach, South Lake and East Lake bay beaches. The maintenance of these beaches include, building all lifeguard stands and using tractors with beach cleaners maintaining and clean all comfort stations and remove garbage from all of these beaches.  There are at least 2 full-time garbage crews responsible for removal of garbage at all beaches and town main streets from Wainscott to Montauk.

Event Organization

The Building and Grounds Departments custodial staff cleans all Town offices, conference rooms, lavatories and comfort stations. The Building and Grounds Department, in conjunction with the Recreation and Parks Department sets up and organizes town events and programs, such as St. Patrick’s Day parade, Turkey Run for Fun, clam contest and benefits.


This Department is also responsible for building everything from picnic tables, office book cases, handicap ramps, cemetery fences, and decks, to entire structures such as garages and sheds.