Information Technology

Department Responsibilities

The IT Department is here to provide the technology required for the fulfillment of the Town's mission in an efficient and effective manner.  The IT department assists in the technical analysis, design, procurement, implementation, operation and support of computing infrastructure and services.

The IT Department is responsible for overseeing the infrastructure of technical operations, including tracking the technology and the technology team in order to achieve the town's goals, meet quotas, eliminate security risks, increase user satisfaction, and maintaining operations and systems.

The IT department maintains the user and computer support for the Town and services the needs of all town departments. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Technology department is to provide both strategic IT vision and enterprising solutions in a professional, ethical and responsive manner for the town’s staff, so they may be able to meet their goals, deliver results, and enhance their technology presence.


The IT department was presented with unique and enormous challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic that no one could have predicted.  We rose to the challenge in numerous ways.  We provided employees safe and secure remote access to their Town resources so the business of the Town could continue.  We developed innovative solutions for departments to provide resources to the public.  We provided round the clock support, functioning in a new remote/virtual environment, and we still continue to provide near-instantaneous support and develop creative solutions related to the pandemic every day.

In spite of the pandemic, there is work that still needs to occur.  The department continued and continues to move forward with scheduled projects and maintenance, deploying replacement equipment, and upgrading software and systems as they reach their end of life.

Additionally, we continue to evaluate and implement emerging technologies in order to solve problems.   We are enhancing processes and services for the Town while lending our expertise to guide the Town in new technological areas.  We continue to encourage the use of technology throughout the Town by all employees, and provide professional development and training, in order to increase productivity, efficiency, and knowledge of all staff.

The IT department continues the overall improvement of the underlying campus infrastructure, as old components start to degrade.  We likewise continue to modernize legacy monolithic applications – Those applications which are hardcoded to various functional elements and tend to be complex, fragile, and difficult to change.