Mission Statement

The Town staffs a full-time engineer, with the responsibilities that include subdivision/site plan review; old filed map work, drainage design, Zoning Board reviews and other special projects.

Engineer's Role

The Engineering Department was created in 2001 to assist other town departments in engineering related matters for the primary purpose of allowing said department to complete their work. A large portion of the Town Engineering Department is engineering review for the Planning Board in their review of subdivisions, subwaivers, lot line modification, site plans, etc. The Town Engineer also makes recommendations and speaks to the Board of Review in conjunction with the urban renewal maps and the road assignments. The Town Engineer makes recommendations to any and all other departments with reference to their daily operations or capital projects. In some cases, capital projects are handled completely by the Town Engineer’s Office with larger ones being handled by consulting engineers.

The Engineering Department is currently staffed with the licensed professional engineer with an administrative assistant as clerical.

The Engineering Department is within the Department of Planning and reports directly to the Director of Planning and the Town Board.