Carol Morrison Park is located in the Sheperd's Neck area of Montauk and is accessed from a private road named The Loop. In 2003 this property was purchased from Mrs. Lee A. Deadrick by East Hampton Town as a general fund purchase for general municipal use.
The property consists of 3.9 acres of natural woodland and open lawn, and occupies a promontory overlooking Fort Pond. Situated on the western shore of Fort Pond, the second largest fresh water pond on Long Island, approximately 784 ft. of the property’s perimeter borders Fort Pond waterfront. There are trails throughout the property, and there is launching access for small boats, kayaks and canoes. The Deadrick house, now known as Fort Pond House, was previously a 1200 square foot residence built circa 1926. In August of 2013, the property was officially designated Carol Morrison Park (named after Carol Morrison, a Montauk environmentalist and land preservation pioneer) and the house was restored to public use in May 2016.