Uses & Restrictions

Permitted Uses

Small groups of no more than 44 people will be permitted to use Fort Pond House on a regular basis (between the hours of 9:00 am - 9:00 pm) for activities that comply with the management goals and objectives.


  • No digging and artifact recovery
  • No unauthorized woodcutting or removal of vegetation
  • No dumping
  • No fires except in receptacles designed for the same (such as barbecues) in areas designated for such purposes
  • No hunting (the town may, as part of ongoing deer management practices, allow hunting on a very restricted and limited basis upon authorization of the Town Board)
  • No outdoor league games, or establishment of ball courts or playing fields
  • No alcohol, except with the express permission of the Town Board
  • No camping or mobile homes
  • No unauthorized vehicles, including ATVs