The East Hampton Town Highway Department maintains 300 center lane miles of roads in an area that spans from Montauk to the East Hampton/Southampton Town Line and Sag Harbor to the North.

Highway Maintenance Includes

  • Snow and ice control of roadways and sidewalks
  • Fulfilling requirements of the snow/ice agreement for NYS Route 27 (between the Village of EH and Montauk Point)
  • Storm Cleanups (hurricane, northeasters, flooding conditions etc.)
  • Patching potholes
  • Mill and fill (large repairs of roadways)
  • Crack seal roads
  • Oil and stone road maintenance program
  • True and level roadways in preparation for paving projects
  • Supervision and traffic control of paving projects
  • Sweeping roads and parking lots
  • Maintenance and mowing of road shoulders
  • Pruning, trimming, or removing dead trees
  • Installation and maintenance of new street trees
  • Litter removal (including, but not limited to, Adopt-a-Road litter)
  • Installation of stop lines, crosswalks, handicap markings and striping of roadways
  • Cleaning of curb inlets and catch basins
  • Drainage installation and maintenance (cleaning, repairs)
  • Oversee sign shop that manufactures, installs, and maintains the town street signs-including those required by
  • New York State and the Federal Government (MUTCD)
  • Carting of illegally dumped items on town roads
  • Pick up dead deer and other road kill
  • Pick up post-eviction materials and items

Public Works

  • Snow and Ice control - County roads as per agreement between town and county
  • Parking Lot Maintenance - Municipal and beach parking lots (Sweeping and pot hole repairs)
  • Sanitation Department (Oversee day to day operations)

Highway Shop

  • Perform NYS diesel inspections, for Highway, Sanitation and Parks Departments
  • Equipment repairs and maintenance (Oil change, chassis lubrication, electrical system maintenance, tire service, brake repairs, maintain and repair mounted equipment)
  • Inventory - Parts, equipment, vehicles
  • Maintenance of vehicle work records
  • Fabricate attachments/repair bodies of trucks
  • Modify and retro-fit equipment for various jobs
  • Small tool and small engine equipment repairs