Can I buy multiple tickets?

Package Ticket Includes:

  • One-way rail ticket
  • Voucher for SFCC bus
  • Adult price is $4.25 for each package

SFCC package tickets are available for sale from Bellport to Montauk at LIRR stations with open ticket windows and full service (gray/blue colors) ticket vending machines (TVM’s) – package tickets are not sold through eTix, MTA’s mobile ticket App. To purchase tickets from TVM’s, select “Deals & Getaways” on the main screen, then “Long Island Getaways” followed by selecting “South Fork Commuter Connection.”  You will be asked to choose your departing station only. Since SFCCpackage tickets are valid for travel between Bellport and Montauk, the TVM’s will default to Montauk as the destination station.

Customers are encouraged to purchase two packages at the same time to use one rail/bus combo for the return trip. Tickets are valid for 60 days from the date of sale and each combo package is refundable for 60 days from date of sale (subject to a $10 refund processing fee per transaction, including multiple ticket purchased together in one transaction). Customers can purchase multiple tickets each time. A maximum of 24 tickets can be purchased in a 24hr period by credit card, while there is no ticket limit when paying with cash.

The LIRR has offered to provide employers with tickets in bulk that can be packaged into ticket books for sale/distribution to their employees. For more information on how this can be arranged, please call 631-702-1753.

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