Proposed Three Mile Harbor Stormwater Abatement

The Town of East Hampton is planning to install stormwater abatement structures to capture and treat runoff from impervious surfaces within the Three Mile Harbor watershed. These installations are targetted to improve the water quality of Tanbark Creek and the head of Three Mile Harbor by reducing stormwater inputs.  

Stormwater runoff picks up pollutants such as oils, grease, nutrients and bacteria as it moves and carries it to our waterways such as Three Mile Harbor.  Raingardens capture and slow down runoff so it can slowly infiltrate back into the soil as the plant roots treat nitrogen and phosphorous, while the healthy soils will treat or bind bacteria, hydrocarbons and heavy metals.  Rain Gardens also support pollinator habitats by attracting our native bees, butterflies and birds.

Projects included in the Tanbark Creek Subwatershed Management Plan were reviewed by the CPF Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee and prioritized for implementation.  The first two projects to move forward include;

- Fairway Drive Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are proposed in the road right-of-way at the intersection of Fairway Drive and Mashie Drive to capture road runoff before reaching Abrahams Path.  Runoff will also be directed to a bioretention area to be installed in the center of the cul-de-sac on the West end of Fairway Drive.   

- Soak Hides Road Rain Gardens

Three Rain Gardens are proposed along the North side of Soak Hides Road in areas where there is evidence of stormwater runoff and erosion along the roadway. 

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