Adopt a Beach Volunteer Program

Community Service / Volunteer Opportunity!

Endangered Species Management Program Volunteers Wanted for 2024 Field Season

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We are seeking reliable volunteers to assist in monitoring, fencing, and reporting piping plover observations for bay and ocean beaches throughout the nesting season (for any time period between May and September). 

Active beaches for assignment may include: Sammy’s Beach, Maidstone Beach, Lionhead Beach, Clearwater Beach, Louse Point, Georgica Beach, Main Beach, Napeague Beach, and other ocean beaches between Wainscott and Montauk.  

To ensure continued breeding success, we depend on volunteers to monitor nests and inform the public about the importance of respecting nesting habitats. Our goal is to have an accurate count of the number of endangered birds and their movements, so we can adequately protect them and facilitate successful breeding of their young.

This is a great opportunity for community members to be involved with a town‐wide project and help an endangered species, while exploring the beaches of East Hampton. Volunteers will engage in piping plover and least tern protection efforts and develop an understanding of local conservation issues and efforts. Volunteers must be able to walk to/from beach monitoring stations up to one mile away from parking areas, and will be trained for accurate identification of piping plovers, installation of protective fencing for nesting areas, and for interacting with the public.  

For more information on how to get involved, please contact the East Hampton Town Department of Natural Resources. 

  • Telephone: (631) 324‐0496
  • Email:

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