Buckskill Meadow Preserve

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Mission Statement & Description of Property

To provide the East Hampton community with access to outdoor recreational activities that make use of the natural setting while maintaining respect for the residential neighbors, including an ADA accessible, multi-use trail,  disc golf course (6 holes), chess table, and a barn for indoor activities. Buckskill Meadow Preserve is open to the public 365 days per year from dawn to dusk and is “Carry In, Carry Out.” 

Park usage is “At Your Own Risk” and is under video surveillance.

The Buckskill Meadow Preserve entrance has a wooden post which holds the address of “148.” The park is situated in the Special Groundwater Protection Area and the Pine Barrens Region. The property is bounded on the south by Buckskill Road, and all other sides by private property. Railroad tracks separate the southern 20 acre main parcel and the two northern parcels, which consist of about five acres. While most of the property is wooded with oak and pine, there are cleared meadow areas on the southern parcels. The barn is situated in one of the meadow areas on parcel SCTM#300-193-3-5.  

Address: 138 & 148 Buckskill Road, 58 & 66 Towhee Trail, East Hampton, NY 11937 Google Maps


  • Park Open Dawn to Dusk
  • No Vehicles Beyond Designated Areas
  • Leash and Control Your Dog
  • Carry In – Carry Out
  • No Unauthorized Commercial Activity
  • No Smoking, Vaping, Alcohol
  • Park Usage is At Your Own Risk

For further information, please see the Buckskill Meadow Preserve Management Plan

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