Overview and upcoming events

Increased traffic at the airport in recent years has created growing concerns about noise pollution, public health, safety, and environmental impacts. These impacts are not well-aligned with East Hampton’s identity as a resort community committed to sustaining the quality of life and the quiet enjoyment of its rich natural, cultural, and scenic resources. At the same time, the airport provides positive values to the community including employment, economic and recreation opportunities as well as access for emergency, medical and civilian services.

With FAA grant requirements expiring in September, 2021, East Hampton has an opportunity to re-envision the future of the airport.  This re-envisioning process is designed to take a fresh look at airport facilities and operations, their positive and negative impacts on the Town, and to address concerns and opportunities raised by the public and airport stakeholders.  

Extensive public participation is a key part of the re-envisioning process and will inform the Town Board’s decision-making process and evaluation of alternatives. Through a combination of fact-finding presentations, listening sessions, workshops with breakout groups and other outreach, the public engagement process is focused on sharing and discussing the essential facts regarding the airport and gathering ideas and opinions from stakeholders, including the public at large.  Upcoming opportunities to learn more and make your voice heard include a Town Board Work Session on Sept. 7, 2021, and a series of four public workshops on September 9, 10, 13 and 20.  Please see “how to get involved” for more information about these opportunities.