All Other Committees (A-F)

  1. Agricultural Advisory Committee

    Locate member information for the Agricultural Advisory Committee.

  2. Airport Management Advisory Committee

    The purpose of the committee is to advise the Town Board and Airport Director on the operation, maintenance, finances, capital improvements and preservation of the East Hampton Airport.

  3. Amagansett Life Saving & Coast Guard Committee

    Amagansett Life Saving and Coast Guard Building Community Center Committee

  4. Anti-Bias Task Force

    Find out who serves on the East Hampton Anti-Bias Task Force.

  5. Business Committee

    Find out who serves on the Town of East Hampton Business Committee.

  6. Coastal Assessment & Resiliency Planning Committee

    Learn more about the Coastal Resiliency Project Advisory Committee.

  7. Community Housing Opportunity Fund Advisory Board

    Review details about the Community Housing Opportunity Fund Advisory Board.

  8. Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board

    See who serves on the Community Preservation Fund Advisory Board.

  9. Deer Management Advisory Committee

    Locate member details on the Deer Management Advisory Committee.

  10. Disabilities Advisory Board

    Locate details on the board and who serves on it.

  11. East Hampton Arts Council

    Access a listing of East Hampton Arts Council members.

  12. Emergency Preparedness Task Force

    Review a listing of those serving on the Emergency Preparedness Task Force.

  13. Energy Sustainability Committee

    Learn more about the Energy Sustainability Committee.

  14. Fire Advisory Committee

    Access a listing of members serving on the Fire Advisory Committee.

  15. Fisheries Advisory Committee

    See information on the Fisheries Advisory Committee.