Disabilities Advisory Board

East Hampton Town & Village Disabilities Advisory Board

The East Hampton Town & Village Disabilities Advisory Board was established in 1993 to advise the Town Board on issues that may enhance quality of life for East Hampton Town residents and visitors affected by a disability, including but not limited to those with physical and developmental conditions. The DAB will express concerns on behalf of the community, identify areas for improvement of access, and recommend possible solutions to the Town Board. The overall goal of the committee is to facilitate access to educational and recreational resources, and services for assistance and accommodation for those affected by a disability that promote quality of life, a sense of community, and individuality.


  • Third Friday of every month at 2pm via zoom
2024 Members

  • Walter Blumburg
  • Bruce Damark
  • Robin Fariel
  • Glenn Hall, Chair
  • Terence Lightcap
  • Gerry Mooney
  • Peter Schaeffer


  • Diane Patrizio, Director of Human Services
  • Tom Preiato, Building Inspector, EH Village
  • Liliana Rodriguez, Case Manager
  • John Rooney, Superintendent of Recreation
  • Jeremy Samuelson, Planning Department
  • Office of Housing & Community Development Representative
  • Buildings & Grounds Representative

Town Board Liaison

  • Councilmember Tom Flight

Useful Links

All East Hampton Town Beaches have beach wheelchairs available for use during their hours of operation.