Division of Public Safety

The Public Safety Division is an administrative department presiding over the Building Department, Fire Safety Department, Ordinance Enforcement Department, and the Animal Control Unit. The Chief Building Inspector, the Chief Fire Marshal, and the Director of Code Enforcement report to the Administrator of the Public Safety Division, who reports directly to the Supervisor and Town Board. The Administrator also serves as the liaison to the Town Attorney's Office. The function of the Public Safety Division is to provide administrative and legal oversight to the three subordinate departments in an effort to professionally and efficiently deliver the required services to the citizens of East Hampton.
  1. Animal Control

    The Animal Control Department is responsible for enforcing the local and state laws as they pertain to the licensing and harboring of dogs.

  2. Building Department

    The Building Department serves our residents and patrons in a respectful and professional manner on an equal basis.

  3. Fire Prevention

    It is the mission of the Fire Marshal's Office to prevent and reduce the incidence of fire by increasing the awareness and knowledge of both the residents and business owners with respect to fire safety and by ensuring compliance with the New York State Fire Safety Code and applicable regulations of the State of New York as well as The Code of the Town of East Hampton.

  4. Ordinance Enforcement

    The Ordinance Enforcement Department, enforces all Town Codes and resolutions including but not limited to health and safety, housing, zoning, environmental, noise, lighting, zoning and permits.