Procedure for Applying

  1. Application is accepted.
  2. Application will be screened for income qualifications. Income includes: wages, tips, salary,alimony payments, etc, plus a percentage calculation of all assets. The home to be improved and automobiles are not considered assets for this program.
  3. Priority is given to specific emergency repairs.
  4. Individuals will be placed on a waiting list based on the information on their preliminary application.
  5. Once an applicant’s name comes up on the list, income and assets will be verified, income tax returns and W-2 forms will be required.
  6. The most recent tax bill and a copy of the deed will be required.
  7. Once the documentation is provided an inspector will come to the home and determine the scope of the work needed and estimate the cost of each item.
  8. Files will be reviewed to determine what kind of assistance will be offered.
  9. The town will select three contractors from a list, solicit bids and choose a contractor.
  10.  The contractor chosen will work directly with the homeowner following the guidelines and contract set by East Hampton Town and the County of Suffolk.
For more Information: Please email Francis Bock.
Equal Housing Opportunity
Universal Accessability