Housing & Community Development

The Office of Housing and Community Development is dedicated to providing community housing opportunities to the residents of East Hampton Town. We also work with other municipalities and government agencies to maintain the quality of housing units and to improve community resources, such as semi-public facilities, that provide services to our community. Our Office administers or assists with the following projects and programs:



The Office of Housing and Community Development is also proud to take the lead in the administration of the Community Housing Fund, which was adopted in 2022 to help provide opportunities for community housing in East Hampton. Implementation of the Community Housing Fund occurs through assisting the Town Board and the Community Housing Advisory Board (CHAB) in determining the most prudent usage of the Fund in accordance with the Community Housing Fund Project Plan (January 2023)

Community Housing Fund Information:

East Hampton Town Community Housing Fund



Please note that there are numerous apartment complexes throughout the Town that are administered by both Public and Private Local Housing Agencies rather than the Town of East Hampton Office of Housing and Community Development. The following is a list of these facilities, and their respective agencies should be contacted directly for additional information:


East Hampton Housing Authority:

  • Accabonac Apartments (East Hampton)
  • Springs-Fireplace Apartments (East Hampton)
  • Three Mile Harbor (East Hampton)
  • Gansett Meadows (Amagansett)
  • Avallone Apartments (Montauk)


Whalebone Village HDFC:

  • Whalebone Village (East Hampton)


Windmill Village HDFC:

  • Windmill I Senior Housing (East Hampton)
  • Windmill II Senior Housing (East Hampton)
  • St. Michael’s Senior Housing (Amagansett)



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