Disc Golf Rules for Buckskill Meadow Preserve

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How to Play Disc Golf

Disc Golf is played like regular golf, but you are using a disc. One stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown. Player with the least number of throws after completing the course wins. 

Play Smart - Never throw when other park users are within range.

Disc Golf Terms

TEE-OFF - Tee throws must be completed within 8 feet from behind the designated (numbered) rock for each hole.


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LIE - Where a throw comes to rest. If your disc comes to rest in a tree or a bush, the LIE is the spot on the ground directly below and there is no penalty. Please take care to avoid vegetation damage.

FAIRWAY THROW - A run-up and follow through are allowed outside of the PUTTING AREA, but the disc must be released before stepping past the LIE.


PUTTING AREA - Within 10 meters (32' 10") of the basket.

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PUTT - A throw from within the PUTTING AREA. When putting, you may not step past your LIE before establishing a balance. The hole is completed when the disc comes to rest in the basket or chains.


OUT-OF-BOUNDS – Any asphalted or cemented surface (driveway, parking lot, walking trail, chess table area, etc.): Add a 1-throw penalty and play from the LIE of the last-in-bounds location or retee.


#1 – Par 3: Straight, but around the tree (87 yds)

#2 – Par 4: Features a slight turn to the right (101 yds)

#3 – Par 3: Features a turn to the right (70 yds)

#4 – Par 3: Straight (65 yds)

#5 – Par 4: Straight (102 yds)

#6 – Par 4: Features extreme turn to the left (107 yds)

TOTAL – 532 yds

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Disc Golf Scorecard Buckskill Meadow Preserve


  • Park Open Dawn to Dusk
  • No Vehicles Beyond Designated Areas
  • Leash and Control Your Dog
  • Carry In – Carry Out
  • No Unauthorized Commercial Activity
  • No Smoking, Vaping, Alcohol
  • Park Usage is “At Your Own Risk” and is under video surveillance

Buckskill Meadow Preserve

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