Apply For

  1. Building Processes, Permits & Licenses

    View and download forms from the Building Department.

  2. Dog License (PDF)

    View and download the Dog License Form.

  3. Employment Opportunities

    Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

  4. Exemptions & Grievances

    View and download forms from the Assessor's Office and related state agencies.

  5. Film and/or Still Photography Permit

  6. Lot Inspection Request

    View a list of Planning Department forms.

  7. Planning Board Approval

    All applications that are subject to SEQRA must be submitted along with an EAF Part I that is completed by the applicant or their agent.

  8. Recycling Permit

    Download the Recycling Permit Form.

  9. Zoning Board Approval

    Access online Zoning Board of Appeals forms.

  10. Architectural Review Board Approval

    Review forms related to the Architectural Review Board

  11. Mass Gathering Permits